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The right products for malaria control today

The vector control community is facing increasing challenges in light of emerging complexities in mosquito control and an availability of funding that requires bold thinking if our goal is malaria reduction and elimination. At the same time, we have to ensure and expand coverage of malaria prevention tools, while also addressing an increase in insecticide resistance with new products, all within tightening budgets.

Tsara PE net

Our Tsara net is a value-for-money and durable long-lasting polyethylene (PE) LLIN. The yarn thickness and mesh size are carefully calibrated to provide resistance to wear and provide a good airflow to ensure comfort for those sleeping under it.


Tsara BOOST is our response to the discovery of an increase in insecticide resistance in most areas with malaria control programs. It is a piperonyl butoxide (PBO) deltamethrin combination net designed for the control of mosquito populations in areas with increased insecticide resistance.

The PBO is a co-insecticide, considerably enhancing the effectiveness of the primary insecticide, in our case deltamethrin, by suppressing the mosquito’s enzyme defenses.

The Tsara BOOST combination net is based on a proprietary dual-insecticide release technology that improves the efficacy as well as the chemical persistence of both actives on the net. The net incorporates the combination on the entire net to provide a maximum level of protection.